Feza Ntabeni, an enigmatic and highly-skilled horseman, is the leader of a notorious cattle-rustling gang, known as the Matata (Wild Ducks). A new generation of criminal, stealing from the rich to empower the poor, their main target, Feza’s multi-millionaire father, Franz Grobler, whom he believes rejected and abandoned him and his late mother. All seems well until a copycat gang starts mirroring the Matata with vicious and murderous intentions. After a violent shoot out between the two gangs ensues, Feza is left without money, men or artillery and has no choice but to turn to the one person he hates more than anyone in the world, his father. Set along the magnificent mountains of the Drakensberg, WILD DUCKS is a classic western story with an African twist.


As an artist I want to challenge myself and as a female I want to write from a man’s point of view. I’ve never done a Western before, and as a genre it has not been explored with black characters at the helm. I’m always striving to represent black people in away that we have not seen before and WILD DUCKS definitely gives me this opportunity.


Because it’s set in the Drakensberg and rolling hills of the Maseru in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, I think there are opportunities for an interesting cinematic and visual experience.

GENRE: Western
RUNNING TIME: 90 Minutes
AUDIENCE: 16 – 35

In development; looking for an Executive Producer, development and production funding